welcome The Kabbalistic Cross: a new revision

Will Parfitt

The practice of the cross as used in kabbalah is useful because it connects us with the Tree of Life through our physical form; it aligns our energies and balances our auras; and it acts as a barrier or protection device to stop unwanted intrusions into our space. The small effort required in becoming familiar with this procedure, which can then be used daily if required, is well worth the energy required.

Following the instructions below, start to practice the Kabbalistic Cross on a daily basis. It need only take a few minutes once you are familiar with it. Re-read this even if you are already familiar with and using the Kabbalistic Cross. Note well not to rush such work - be clear with each stage before moving onto the next. It is better to go too slowly than to go too fast.

Relax and centre yourself.
Stand upright, attentive but not stiff.
Pronounce each word slowly and with as much resonance as possible.

Touch your forehead with the forefinger of your right hand and say: ateh ('for thine')
Be aware of your innermost connection to deity.

[you might prefer to say 'for mine' being conscious as you do so of aligning yourself with the Source so that the temporal distinction between 'thine' and 'mine' no longer exists]

Move your finger down in a straight line to touch just above your genital area and say:
Malkuth ('is the kingdom' [or 'is the earth').
Be aware of your whole body.

[you might like to add in 'adonai' 'my lord' in English as you pass and lightly touch the area in the middle of your chest representing your heart energy]

Visualise this straight line down the front of your body and all the subsequent lines you draw as bright, shining, silver-white light, which permeates your astral, etheric and physical bodies.

Bring your finger straight back up to your chest then move it across to the right.

Touch your right shoulder, and say:
ve geburah ('the power' [or 'the courage'])
Be aware of your power.

Drawing a line across to touch your left shoulder, say:
ve gedulah. ('and the glory' [or 'the compassion'])
Be aware of your love energy.

Clasping your hands together over your heart, visualise a shining white cross inscribed over your body. Say:
le olahm. ('unto the ages')

Be aware of exactly where you are (here), exactly at this moment (now).

Extend your arms out so you are standing as a cross, and say:

Stay standing for a while, feeling the energy to which you've connected permeating your physical and psychic space.

Will Parfitt is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an experienced and innovative group leader. Trained in Psychosynthesis, he has more than forty years experience of working with psychospiritual development, and travels internationally to run courses on a variety of subjects including kabbalah and psychosynthesis. Will is author of several books including 'The Complete Guide to Kabbalah', 'The Something and Nothing of Death', 'Kabbalah:The Tree of Life' and 'Psychosynthesis: the Elements and Beyond.