The Great Circle of Time

What seems to me like lifetimes ago I spent a year in a largely altered state of consciousness and had adventures (for want of a better word!) in alternative realities. Tripping out, you might say – but without the drugs to take me there (or substances that block our access to other worlds.)

In more recent ‘lifetimes’ I have worked with the writing that came out of this period: I didn’t think it would make sense to anyone or could stand on its own without being in a context, so I tried taking some of the writing and producing a set of poems from it – ok, but not really satisfactory for me. I tried taking out some of the more ‘spiritually oriented’ quotes from the book and used them in a Kabbalah book – ok, but still not “it”. I wrote a whole novel about a couple who take the man’s dead brother’s journal with them on holiday and the effect reading it has on their life together – the original work becoming the content of the brother’s journal. I liked it ok, but it still didn’t satisfy my wish to present the original inspired writing.

Then this year I realized it was crazy for me to try to ‘dress it up’ in some way or another to make it somehow palatable for potential readers; the original outpourings – yes, tidied up, but still as originally received – could stand on their own. It is sometimes inspiring writing, sometimes difficult and obtuse; it includes graphic descriptions of sexual activity and in some places hints at a dark undercurrent of abuse; it is an adventure but not in a conventional sense; it is too short to be a novel but too long to be just a story; it may interest a reader or not, but finally, I got it – the work didn’t need ‘tidying up’ or censoring in any way, it is what it is and that is:

tgcot-site-cover-sm15My new book: The Great Circle of Time. If you are interested you can find it on Amazon, both in a printed form (with in-text illustrations) or in a text only kindle version (and of course you can order it from any good bookshop.)

What’s it about? The ‘blurb’ on the back cover says: “These are the final entries in the journal of a traveller in alternative realities who partners a mysterious pilgrim and, through dream-like experiences on magical pathways, heals wounds from ancient traumas.” The text contains scenes of an adult nature that are intentionally shocking and which some people may find disturbing – I don’t know whether saying that makes someone more or less likely to read it (!:)) – there’s only one way to find out!



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