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An Otherworldly Adventure


The Great Circle of Time What seems to me like lifetimes ago I spent a year in a largely altered state of consciousness and had adventures (for want of a better word!) in alternative realities. Tripping out, you might say – but without the drugs to take me there (or substances that block our access [...]

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The Wisdom of Psychosynthesis


We live in a world of polarities in our inner world no less so than in the outer, so our world experience is based on duality and we are divided within. Psychosynthesis stresses that each part of the psyche is whole at core and has a part to play in our life. Each of us [...]

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Healing Fragmentation


During the last two thousand years of human evolution we have developed individual consciousness into a fine art form, and now define our identity in terms of separateness rather than togetherness. The last vestige of collective identity, albeit a distorted one, passed away with the failure and demise of communism. Equally we can no longer [...]

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Want to sell your soul?


Do you have a soul to sell? If you have, what is it worth? If you were offered unlimited money, love and immortality would you sell your soul? The pressures of life, work, relationship, money, consumerism, and so on, all add to the difficulty in staying on track with our deepest sense of who we [...]

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Lose Yourself in A Moment


The simplest and most immediate inner inquiry provokes us to stop and assess our own ‘moment’ of life, what is happening at each moment. There is nothing extraneous, nothing to do but accept the challenge to contemplate what’s happening, to remain present and not indulge our emotions about the subject, thus enabling us to engage [...]

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The Composer of Your Life


It is a mistake to think that me, you or any other person is always one in the same person, we are never the same person for long, we are continuously changing, seldom remaining the same even for half an hour. Are you always who you say you are? Is the you reading this the [...]

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You Are Your Own Ancestors


We all are DNA getting to know itself. Each cell division, from the very first following the moment of conception, through to those taking place in your body right now, is operated by your genetic code held on the chromosomes in your cells. Researchers that see into the cellular and genetic levels of energy say [...]

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Ecology Is Not Only Out There


Human ecology is about the interaction of people with each other and with their environment, including all our interconnectedness and all our inter-penetrability. That’s all inside us as well as outside us. What a lot to carry. So we get caught up, through our subpersonalities, in emotional dramas, irrational mental fantasies and soul-less interactions. We [...]

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Today Ant You Will Not Die


There is a qualitative difference between meaning that emerges from our experience and meaning that we impose through some external belief system. I’m not saying this negatively to anybody’s beliefs in particular, but I think that, if I am honest to my personal experience, I recognise that all belief systems come and go. Belief systems [...]

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The Real Self and Master Chef


Sometimes we say ‘real’ and ‘true’ self  in an attempt to distinguish that self from the ‘everyday ego self’ but these words imply a judgment and separation. If something is ‘real’ then something is not, if something is ‘true’ then something is ‘untrue’. The Self just is. Does it exist? Do we exist? What is [...]

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