In my more than forty years of spiritual exploration, I’ve found Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah to be two of the most effective ways to focus your life tasks, to learn, share, listen, give and get support, seek out information, in fact everything in the endlessly fascinating subject of being alive. They also point towards the ultimate goal of inner and outer freedom.

I trust the exploration of this site will further your personal and spiritual development. Contact me if you would like to discuss working with me or if you have any queries or requests.

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To Live with a Vision from Deep Within Yourself


Psychosynthesis is eminently practical and  integrates principles and techniques from many different approaches. Psychosynthesis is not about the application of techniques, however, but learning to live with a vision that comes from deep within oneself. Read more …


Kabbalah is based on a map of consciousness called the Tree of Life and is relevant to modern life through bringing greater meaning and fulfillment in our search for personal and spiritual development. Read more …

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