Kabbalah for Life

Kabbalah for life

"I found this book very intriguing, one of the things I found so fascinating is the way it is multifaceted, one layer upon another, just like all of us interconnected and united as one. The author did an excellent job at acquainting me, but not overwhelming me with the information. There are simple illustrations throughout that helped to explain the well presented material. Ancient, wonderful, deep, foreboding and magical all at the same time. I would recommend this spiritually enlightening book to students of the Kabbalah or anyone that has an interest in it" (LibraryThing)

Kabbalah is a fascinating and ancient tradition which helps to explain ourselves, and our relationship with the world. In this new, revised edition, Will explores the Kabbalistic approach to the life; healing and the angels, demons and sexuality; the secrets of tarot; how to achieve stillness and inner peace, and many other subjects relevant to our everyday lives. He also shows how, with study and practice, Kabbalah can deepen our connection to the world and help us in our own self-development.

"I loved reading this book. For beginners, it introduces the Tree of Life in a way which is fluid, inviting and structurally simple. Those already familiar with the Kabbalah will find new insights, connections and a deepening of their existing knowledge. As always, with Will Parfitt's work, the emphasis is practical, psychologically sound and sustains throughout a sense of the wonder and mystery which can be revealed by studying this ancient path of wisdom. This book is truly a 'Companion On The Path' for anyone looking to integrate their studies with their real life. Highly recommended!" (MR)

PS Avalon, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-9562162-3-6



N.B. The New Kabbalah For Life is a smaller size edition of the Kabbalah For Life, slightly edited.

ISBN 978-0-9572246-3-6 PS Avalon, 2014


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