Inspirational Fiction

I've been an author at heart since I received my first typewriter aged 12 and produced my earliest poems and short stories. I'm delighted with my other books on psychology and kabbalah and how well they have done, but my 'inner writer' finds real and deeper pleasure in these fiction books, which are not about something to do but explore what we may be. In other words, rather than being about things I feel are important they are about exploring the inner dimensions of life that are neither important nor unimportant but just what is, a world of magick, mystery, excitement and connection.

I've learned over the years that I have a great 'unique selling point' [USP]: no one else writes the books I write! I've been around so long I am considered by some to be an authority on both psychosynthesis and kabbalah though I'm happy to be a life-long student who has written some original books on the subject. But these inspirational fiction books are unique expressions of me and my world view that no one else, whatever their training and practice, could possibly write. They probably wouldn't want to anyway, but I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to have done so and to share these books.

Inspirational Fiction

Meetings with Amazing People

Blurring the boundaries between reporting, allegory and fantasy, Will describes an early search for spiritual wisdom and his meetings with an array of amazing people.

"A delightful and spiritually nourishing read ... Do read this book, it will settle something in your soul." (MR)

Inspirational Fiction

The Great Circle of Time: An Otherwordly Adventure

The final entries in the journal of a traveller in alternative realities who, through dream-like experiences on magical pathways, heals wounds from ancient traumas.

"Gems on every page. An enchanting read, a beautiful recounting from the landscape of an inner journey ... the use of language is poetic, evocative and thought-provoking." (MR)

Inspirational Fiction

This Beautiful Earth: Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

A book of stories that have a spiritual take on a garden and gardening to connect you to the deeper archetypal rhythm of nature and the earth.

"A beautiful read. To compare tending our garden as a metaphor for tending to our own emotional selves is brilliant." (JS)