The Something and Nothing of Death

The something and nothing of death

'A simple but profound work.' (Scientific and Medical Network)

Death is present through life and the more we face this the more death becomes a wise adviser encouraging us to live more fully. To make a relationship with death is to commit to self-evolution and growth and to overcome unnecessary fear.

To face death confers inner strength for it brings us more authentically into the moment, into the fullness of our lives; in other words, it brings us closer to freedom. Living wisely is to prepare for dying well, not for some promise of what will happen after death but because living wisely brings its own merit.

'Will provides many perspectives from which to see the 'something' or the 'nothing' - coming back always to the spirit of honest inquiry, and what might be called a lively acceptance of something we cannot evade. We are not besieged by any kind of party line, and yet Will doesn't flinch from laying out given modes of thought and belief. The additional exercises for reflection are a bonus and take us deeper into our own personal explorations.' (BB)

"This book is a gem! An intelligent discourse covering the themes and questions which arise as we confront the reality of our eventual demise. A wise, straight-forward and compassionate journey in feeling and thought, this book is both grounded and practical and also open-ended enough in the metaphysical sense that I believe anyone of any faith or none could read this and feel a congruence. That is a superb achievement. Will Parfit strikes exactly the right balance - having both a light touch and also fearlessly confronting potentially delicate issues. As the subtitle says 'A book to read before you die'. I felt a real sense of gratitude reading this book, and I'm sure that many other people will feel likewise." (MR)

'A brilliant, enlightening, contemplative, profound book which requires courage and a non-dual open mind to read it.' (HY)

ISBN: 978-1-9999763-0-9



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