The Magic of Psychosynthesis

The Magic of Psychosynthesis

"This book is a courageous piece of work. Studying Will's book guarantees a long and adventurous journey into the future of the spiritual development of yourself, your fellows and of the world. And, after all, that is what psychosynthesis is all about." (Diederik van Rossum, Dutch Institute of Psychosynthesis.)

"With this encouraging, bridging, eyes and heart-opening work, Parfitt invites us to [work with] the potential in everyone's DNA ... how it develops is for each one of us to carefully choose, and Parfitt offers many practical means. Use them!" (Isabelle Clotilde Küng, Psychosynthesis Educator.")

The aim of this book is to initiate you, to empower you in your life journey and help you to explore your connection to Will, Imagination and Love, the essential components for your personal and spiritual self-development.

Being initiated is about uncovering what has been hidden in you and aligning yourself with the natural flow of life on earth. To be an Adept is not a goal, it is an acknowledgement that you are on the path and that you have attained a level of proficiency at walking the path. This is key, for to be an Adept is not a state but a process of continual growth through deeper and deeper self inquiry.

"Will has mastered the art of simplifying the understanding of Psychosynthesis, putting into everyday language a subject that is difficult to put into words. As he takes us through the wisdom of the transpersonal, Will uses comparisons with other disciplines and simple to follow exercises to help the reader reach a felt sense of state. Drawing from the ancient kabbalistic and magic teachings, Will brings us to a point of understanding, from whatever direction we enter. ... successfully managing to marry the psychological and the esoteric in the alchemy of change." (Shamai Currim, Senior Psychosynthesis Practitioner.)

Psychosynthesis is more than another kind of therapy, it is a complete education and a workable system of initiation and self development. The primary aim of Psychosynthesis, as with all magical and esoteric endeavour, is to help us deepen our inquiry into human nature and then find ways to effectively use our discoveries in everyday life. The Magic of Psychosynthesis includes working to restore balance to the various parts of the personality in the present, and also to find ways to promote the fuller expression of the potential and unique creativity of each individual.

"Will Parfitt identifies that the purpose of the book is to enable us to our explore our connection to Will, Imagination and Love and says that we can 'come amazed upon a 'pearl beyond price'. This pearl is the embodiment of the Adept's Work, the Great Work of knowing yourself, always centred on your heart.' By studying and practising the methods of this book we may very well discover our pearl. Thoroughly recommended!!" (Ian Rees, top psycho-spiritual psychotherapist and Qabalah teacher.)


PSA Books, 2019 ISBN: 978-1-9999763-1-6

print edition: £15.00
kindle edition: £9.99

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