The Great Circle of Time

The great circle of time

"An enchanting read, a beautiful recounting from the landscape of an inner journey. Will Parfitt's use of language is poetic, evocative and thought-provoking. He manages to put subtle experiences into words - beautifully so - in this inspiring text which achieves the gentle art of leaving space for the reader's own imagination to engage with its image and descriptions." (MR)

These are the final entries in the journal of a traveller in alternative realities who partners a mysterious pilgrim and, through dream-like experiences on magical pathways, heals wounds from ancient traumas.

The story contains scenes of an adult nature that are intentionally shocking and which some people may find disturbing.

(The printed book contains 23 in-text illustrations, the Kindle edition is text only.)

"The story of a magical, transformative journey into inner realms. The detailed descriptions of the natural world are truly beautiful and bring an earthiness to the dreamlike quality of the inner journey. A mysterious tale full of rich images that drew me in, touched me and made me smile. As I read it, following its threads, I noticed rhythms, resonances, repeated themes - it reminded me of poetry, music and dreams. Loved it." (KB)

PS Avalon, 2015 ISBN: 978-0957224650


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