Distance Learning Courses

"Each lesson was well designed, with a good mix of reading and activities ... and the real bonus has been your feedback as you are a wonderful and encouraging teacher. I really get a sense of your specific and personal care for me as a pupil." (BD)

Since 1981, these practical courses have had hundreds of students from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, from business people to artists, from complementary medicine practitioners to fishermen. Students come from a very wide variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds and slightly over half are female.

A student is accepted on the basis of their life experiences and self-perceived ability to undertake the courses. The majority of graduates report that the work of the education programme continues to have relevance to their life's journey.

"For me the course has been a gentle yet powerful examination of my life and psyche ... that has had a balancing effect. Sending the lesson off to a person I have never met but who obviously reads my work with attention and who gives helpful and supportive feedback adds to the power of the course." (VB)

Why Distance Learning?

There are many reasons why someone may choose to study Psychosynthesis or Kabbalah through distance learning. For instance:

  • some people want to learn primarily for their personal and spiritual development;
  • some professionals want to study Psychosynthesis and/or Kabbalah as part of their continuing professional development;
  • some people want to learn how to apply Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah in their existing work and interests;
  • there are those who for financial or geographical reasons cannot attend group based courses at distant locations;
  • some people just prefer to learn in their own space and at their own rate, taking the time to thoroughly integrate the course into their lives.