Meetings with Amazing People

Meetings with amazing people

"Will is inviting us to his Aladdin's Cave, a treasure-trove of spiritual insights, from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from dualistic consciousness to divine consciousness, uncovering the wisdom within." (HY)

Blurring the boundaries between reporting, allegory and fantasy, Will describes his early search for spiritual wisdom, his unexpected encounter with a Indian fakir, and how the task given to him by the mysterious Indian led to meetings with an array of amazing people in his quest to uncover the truth he sought. These encounters included an early awakening from a gay Buddhist, initiation into a Celtic magic circle, being opened to esoteric truths by a follower of Subud and a Sufi initiate, seeing the world as taught by a Shaman, an apprenticeship in practical Kabbalah, and an apparently chance meeting with a General who supplied the final key.

"This lively story about amazing people who have guided Will Parfitt's spiritual life is told with such vigour that we feel their actual presence rise from the page and inspire us with their wisdom. Realistic scenes, in which action and dialogue between Will and his guides take place, give us a sense of the everyday world with accounts of Will making tea and enjoying life. We not only gain an insight into Will's spiritual life and the people who made it possible, but learn the steps for us to travel ourselves towards our own spiritual development." (WMcP)

PS Avalon, 2017 ISBN: 978-0957224681



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