Psychosynthesis: new perspectives

Psychosynthesis: new perspectives

"I think the interweaving of thinking and ideas, with imagination, intuitions and felt and lived experiences is what this book does well. It creates a colourful and creative patchwork of personal and professional experiences, all held within the container of Psychosynthesis... .. it is a creative and enjoyable book that offers up some unusual areas to the Psychosynthesis community, making it a welcome addition to the literature". (PET News)

Fifteen authors explore a variety of perspectives on Psychosynthesis in the modern world, including the transforming effect of love in the therapeutic process, the need for authentic relationship for therapy to be effective, how astrology can impact upon therapeutic work, the hidden mythic depths in the Harry Potter stories, how to go beyond protest and blame towards international cooperation, and much more. Case studies and a sprinkling of first class poetry, make this collection a must for all practitioners and everyone who wants to further their own personal and spiritual development.

'Wit and wisdom to guide the unfoldment of your potential.' (API-UK)

ISBN: 978-1-9562162-0-5



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