"Wise, clear-sighted, silent, listens, challenges; glides, lands, gathering all senses, all with gratitude." (CN)



The Magic of Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is an ideal system for deep inner exploration and magical development. Explore your connection to Will, Imagination and Love, the essential components for your personal and spiritual growth.

"A treasure trove for anyone on the path of personal growth and self discovery." (JH)


The Something and Nothing of Death

Death is present through life and the more we face this the more death becomes a wise adviser encouraging us to live more fully.

"A wise, straight-forward and compassionate journey ... anyone of any faith or none could read this and feel a congruence ... a superb achievement." (MR)


Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond

Psychosynthesis is the psychology of choice for now, not just for the individual but also for the larger world in which we live.

"This book is written with clarity, breadth of vision, and gentle humour... An extremely profound subject, made clear and understandable." (PBP)


The Elements of Psychosynthesis [kindle]

Straightforward, easy to understand theory is coupled with illustrative activities that bring Psychosynthesis to life.

"An admirable job of distilling the essence of Psychosynthesis into a communicable, palatable form." (APB)


Psychosynthesis: Beyond the Elements [kindle]

After reading the kindle Elements of Psychosynthesis, you'll want to follow on through reading this title next.

"Takes you deeper into its visions and values and enables you to more thoroughly apply Psychosynthesis in your life and your work." (WP)


Walking Through Walls [kindle]

This 'new age classic' explores psychology that is relevant to modern life but also rooted in thousands of years of tradition.

"A mind expanding experience that really is the equivalent of walking through walls!" (F)


Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives

Fifteen authors explore a variety of perspectives on Psychosynthesis in the modern world with wit and wisdom to guide the unfoldment of your potential.

"Anyone interested in the human psychospiritual journey will find much food for thought." (SMN)



The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah

The ancient mysteries of the Tree of Life are effective and relevant to modern life - and may open you to the fabulous resources of your own inner wisdom.

"One of the best books on the Kabbalah for first study. Very easy to read and understand, would recommend it." (Amazon reader)


Kabbalah For Life

This new, revised edition explains the Kabbalistic approach to the life and shows how, with study and practice, Kabbalah can deepen your own self-development.

"It introduces the Tree of Life in a fluid, inviting and simple way and introduces new insights and connections." (MR)


Kabbalah: Tree of Life

Meditation on the Tree of Life gives you access to different levels of consciousness and the colour illustrations in this book intend to support this process and your own spiritual development.

"What a great looking book ... pretty, mouth watering, sumptuous stuff ... a series of eye-kissing visual poems in a deep and beautiful structure - really wonderful." (KH)



The Great Circle of Time: An Otherwordly Adventure

The final entries in the journal of a traveller in alternative realities who, through dream-like experiences on magical pathways, heals wounds from ancient traumas.

"Gems on every page. An enchanting read, a beautiful recounting from the landscape of an inner journey ... the use of language is poetic, evocative and thought-provoking." (MR)


Meetings With Amazing People

Blurring the boundaries between reporting, allegory and fantasy, Will describes an early search for spiritual wisdom and his meetings with an array of amazing people.

"A delightful and spiritually nourishing read ... Do read this book, it will settle something in your soul." (MR)


This Beautiful Earth: Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

A book of stories that have a spiritual take on a garden and gardening to connect you to the deeper archetypal rhythm of nature and the earth.

"This lovely little book ... put me in touch with the healing nature of the earth and the web that connects everything on this beautiful earth." (Amazon reader)