Psychosynthesis: beyond the elements [kindle]

Psychosynthesis: beyond the elements [kindle]

For those familiar with Psychosynthesis, this book takes you deeper into its visions and values and enables you to more thoroughly understand - and apply - this system of personal and spiritual development in your life and your work.

{N.B. This title is a Kindle version of Part 2 of the print book Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond; the first part is also available in Kindle format. If you are new to Psychosynthesis, the kindle edition of The Elements of Psychosynthesis is recommended; then you'll want to follow on through reading this title next.}

"Will does a very nice job summarising the core aspects of Psychosynthesis, and then reaching further and deeper, peeping through the wall of silence and into the esoteric roots of this beautiful therapeutic and educational modality. A stepping stone into luminosity."

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