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Today Ant You Will Not Die


There is a qualitative difference between meaning that emerges from our experience and meaning that we impose through some external belief system. I’m not saying this negatively to anybody’s beliefs in particular, but I think that, if I am honest to my personal experience, I recognise that all belief systems come and go. Belief systems [...]

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The Real Self and Master Chef


Sometimes we say ‘real’ and ‘true’ self  in an attempt to distinguish that self from the ‘everyday ego self’ but these words imply a judgment and separation. If something is ‘real’ then something is not, if something is ‘true’ then something is ‘untrue’. The Self just is. Does it exist? Do we exist? What is [...]

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Just is just is


Just is just is , nothing else, just is. What isn’t just is … so when walking just walk, when typing just type … Sometimes you’re not meant to get something, it is just the moment passing. A famous Ch'an master answer to any and every question is : ‘A boat crosses the Yangtze’ … [...]

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Who am I now?


How we define ourselves: (who is doing the defining?) Roles: for example therapist, husband, shopper - is that who I am? Circumstances: for example neighbour - is that who I am? Function: for example I'm the person who knows how to do this - is that who I am? Past: I have a past - [...]

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Die Daily


You may know this already but the easiest and best analogy for understanding subpersonalities is that your personality is like an orchestra and each of your subpersonalities is a member of the orchestra. So, for example, someone might have a 'diva pianist' who is never stops playing and tries to control or drown out the [...]

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