In fifty years of research and practice I have found Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah to be two of the most effective ways to guide and support personal and spiritual development and to explore the endlessly fascinating subject of being alive. They also point towards the ultimate goal of inner and outer freedom.

Growth comes not only through transcendent experiences but also directly through the personality and its interactions with the outer world. Spiritual and transpersonal energies need grounding both for our psychological health and for the treasures they can bring to the world.

We are interconnected and interdependent beings, and valuing one's own life and the life of others requires a commitment to act in co-operative and responsible ways. To embrace a spirit of inquiry is to be willing to engage with life as a process of life-long learning. My intent is for the books and courses presented here to further this awareness.

This Beautiful Earth

Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

"This lovely little book draws on gardening as a metaphor for life and has a contemplative quality which makes it a calming and soothing read. It put me in touch with the healing nature of the earth and the web that connects everything on this beautiful earth" (KB)

A book of stories that have a spiritual take on gardening to connect you to the deeper archetypal rhythm of nature and the earth. We can learn to approach a garden as a pilgrim on a journey of discovery, not as a missionary who knows everything beforehand. The garden then becomes this beautiful earth in which each of us lives and grows in a continuing journey of exploration.

The gardener is a metaphor for the Self, that part of us that witnesses without judgment, connects us to our deepest conscience and helps us make affirmative decisions in life.

"A gardener is part of the garden and the relationship between the garden and gardener is a shared practice of mindful living, of increasing consciousness."

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To Live with a Vision from Deep Within Yourself

"When we observe the most obvious characteristics of contemporary civilization, we are struck by its extreme extraversion, its desire to master the forces of nature in order to satisfy our ever-growing needs and demands. This is the dominating trend of our age, but it is by no means the only one, as a closer study will reveal." (Roberto Assagioli)

Psychosynthesis is valuable to those who wish to explore their life journey and further their psychological and spiritual development. Developed last century by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian doctor who wanted to bring together psychology and mysticism, it has grown into a coherent approach to healing which aims to restore balance between the various parts of us and our world.

Psychosynthesis, being heart-centered, integrative and holistic, is an important psychology for the 21st Century. As well as exploring how our past affects us, Psychosynthesis asserts that we also have potential, a 'future' within us, a connection to which brings purpose and meaning to both individual and collective acts.

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Personal and Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life

"Kabbalah provides a detailed and coherent world view of the nature of human existence and our relation to the cosmos. Its powerful, poetic vistas excite the imagination." (Edward Hoffman)

Kabbalah is a way of understanding ourselves and is a rewarding guide for personal and spiritual development. Based on a map of consciousness called the Tree of Life, Kabbalah (or Qabalah, an alternative spelling), is not too difficult to learn and understand. You can use Kabbalah to improve your daily life, at work, during leisure time and particularly through your relationships, and find out why throughout centuries it has influenced many people from all walks of life.

Kabbalah can help you live life to the full with respect for the planet and all the life forms it supports. When we care for our environment, both locally and generally, we are bringing our deepest, spiritual consciousness to earth.

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Inspirational Fiction

"Will Parfitt's writing skill is such that his spiritual development becomes our own."

My fiction books explore how each of us has an intimate relationship with nature, that our commonalities, connectedness and oneness underpin all our actions and behaviour - that we are part of a Whole, no division into two opposing aspects, such as blessing and cursing, that we are an integral part of the world around us, seen and unseen. With will and imagination we can witness the beauty, love, generosity, and feel the pulsation of the creative energies of our planet earth.

Our life is a journey, a life journey underpinned with love, wisdom and will, experienced through a process of transformation towards healing, from self-consciousness to a deeper level of Consciousness.

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