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My vision is for a world with its abundant resources shared and its multifaceted differences honoured.

To be a pilgrim not a missionary on a journey of life-long learning.

My purpose is to uncover and communicate the healing possibilities in everyday life.

My values are in truth, trust and meaning.

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If you click on the books tab in the menu you can access all my books that are currently available (asterisked here). There are also several foreign language translations of various of these books.

This is a full list of all titles:

*The New Kabbalah for Life (Rider, 2006, PS Avalon, 2010, 2014)

*Kabbalah: The Tree of Life (PS Avalon, 2010)

*Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives and Creative Research (PS Avalon, 2009)

*The Something and Nothing of Death (PS Avalon, 2008, Kindle Edition, 2011)

*Psychosynthesis: Beyond The Elements (Kindle Edition, 2012)

*Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond (PS Avalon, 2003, 2006)

*Through the Gates of Matter (PS Avalon, 2003)

*The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah (Rider, 2001)

*Walking Through Walls (Element, 1991,Vega 1998, Kindle Edition 2012)

The Elements of the Qabalah (Barnes & Noble, 1999)

The New Living Qabalah (Element, 1995)

The Elements of the Qabalah (Element, 1991)

*The Elements of Psychosynthesis (Element, 1990, Kindle Edition 2012)

The Living Qabalah (Element, 1988)


Writer and Author

Books and papers on Psychosynthesis, Kabbalah and related subjects.

Spiritual Mentor/Guide

Companionship and guidance for individuals on a spiritual path; and occasional spiritual retreats

Consultant Supervisor

Practicing and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists, practitioners of other disciplines

Professional Mentor

Organisational, business and private clients, via phone, email and face-to-face

Teacher of Practical Kabbalah

Individual and group based teaching

Psychotherapy and Counselling Trainer

Psychosynthesis (all levels, from introductory to advanced practice); therapeutic relationship; developmental models; transpersonal and spiritual subjects; associated skills

Facilitator of Life-Long Learning

Distance learning courses, coaching and group facilitation.

High school, university and college 1961-74

Freelance writer and book distributor 1974-78

Psychosynthesis training 1978-81

Psychosynthesis Guide, Kabbalah Teacher and Author 1981-2015

Registered Psychotherapist, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy 1992-2015




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