Psychosynthesis Articles

The first article here is a good basic introduction to Psychosynthesis:

An Introduction to Psychosynthesis

The next article offers a simple approach to life and relationships based on the principles of Psychosynthesis:

The Art of Loving

The following articles explore the subject in more depth. The first explores the place of the body in Psychosynthesis (which its founder, Assagioli, said would more fully be called Biopsychosynthesis):


If you are considering training in Psychosynthesis you may appreciate reading this:

Psychosynthesis Training

whilst the next explores the core practice of Self Identification:

Self-Identification and Disidentification

Widening our inquiry into Psychosynthesis, this article based on a presentation I gave at a conference in Bologna many years ago describes more of the esoteric connections in Psychosynthesis:

The Tree, Egg and Serpent

whilst this one explicitly draws parallels with the Western Occult Tradition:

Spelling: The Craft of Magicians and Therapists

finally, the last article here is a legacy article that has often had high ranking on Google, being described as a fuller (and longer) description:

What is Psychosynthesis? (a longer answer)


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