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This Beautiful Earth

Gardening As A Spiritual Practice

ISBN: 978-0-9572246-7-4 £8.00

A book of stories that have a spiritual take on gardening to connect you to the deeper archetypal rhythm of nature and the earth. We can learn to approach a garden as a pilgrim on a journey of discovery, not as a missionary who knows everything beforehand. The garden then becomes this beautiful earth in which each of us lives and grows in a continuing journey of exploration.

The gardener is a metaphor for the Self, that part of us that witnesses without judgment, connects us to our deepest conscience and helps us make affirmative decisions in life.

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The Great Circle of Time

An Otherworldly Adventure

ISBN: 978-0-9572246-5-0  Print £8.00/ Kindle £4.00

These are the final entries in the journal of a traveller in alternative realities who partners a mysterious pilgrim and, through dream-like experiences on magical pathways, heals wounds from ancient traumas.

The story contains scenes of an adult nature that are intentionally shocking and which some people may find disturbing.

(The printed book contains 23 in-text illustrations, the Kindle edition is text only.)

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Psychosynthesis Books

Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond

NEW REVISED EDITION 2006/2015 update

ISBN: 978-0-9552786-0-0  £13.00

This new, revised edition of Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond takes you into deep explorations of the psychospiritual and transpersonal realms in a practical way and reveals Psychosynthesis as the psychology of choice for now. The relevance of Psychosynthesis is emphasised not just for the individual but also for the larger world in which we live.

‘A splendid book and well written. Mr Parfitt has made some of Assagioli’s work much more understandable and simple than Assagioli himself.’ (Edith Stauffer, President, Psychosynthesis International)
‘In these bleak days we look for ways to find joy in our lives, to find our true purpose and meaning for why we are here. Will Parfitt is able to not only give you answers, he is able to guide you on your journey of self discovery. With this simple to follow guide, you may be able to find the joy that you have been looking for. This book is truly a ‘winner’ on my book shelf.’ (Shamai Currim PhD)

Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives and Creative Research

edited by Will Parfitt

ISBN: 978-0-9562162-0-5 £13.00

Fifteen authors explore a variety of perspectives on Psychosynthesis in the modern world, including the transforming effect of love in the therapeutic process, the need for authentic relationship for therapy to be effective, how astrology can impact upon therapeutic work, the hidden mythic depths in the Harry Potter stories, how to go beyond protest and blame towards international cooperation, and much more. Case studies and a sprinkling of first class poetry, make this collection a must for all practitioners and everyone who wants to further their own personal and spiritual development.

‘Wit and wisdom to guide the unfoldment of your potential.’ (API-UK)
‘The topics covered reflect both a professional and cultural approach and are therefore suitable for a wide readership. Anyone interested in the human psychospiritual journey will find much food for thought.’ (The Scientific and Medical Network)

The Elements of Psychosynthesis

Kindle Edition ASIN: B0067QV1DQ

This kindle edition of The Elements of Psychosynthesis is the best introduction to the subject: straightforward, easy to understand theory is coupled with illustrative activities that bring Psychosynthesis to life. It also shows how Psychosynthesis is the psychology of choice for the modern world, its relevance emphasised not just for the individual but also for the larger world in which we live.

‘Will Parfitt has done an admirable job of distilling the essence of Psychosynthesis into a communicable, palatable form.’ (Alexis du Pont de Bie, American Board of Master Educators)
 ‘It is clear and informative, explains things in simple language which is inclusive without being condescending. The exercises are also easily achievable and consistent as well as being powerful tools for achieving learning and integrative movement.’ (Amazon reader)

Psychosynthesis; Beyond The Elements

Kindle Edition ASIN: B00ED0EHVG

For those familiar with Psychosynthesis, this book takes you deeper into its visions and values and enables you to more thoroughly understand – and apply – this system of personal and spiritual development in your life and your work. If you are new to Psychosynthesis, the kindle edition of The Elements of Psychosynthesis is recommended; then you’ll want to follow on through reading this title next.

Walking Through Walls: Psychosynthesis and the Esoteric

Kindle Edition ASIN: B00795C44O

Walking Through Walls, originally published in 1989, synthesises the best from more than twenty years research into and practice of the Western Mystery Traditions, and the visions and practices of Psychosynthesis, a psychology that is relevant to modern life but also rooted in thousands of years of tradition. This Kindle Edition incorporates the text of the original with a new Preface added.

“The content is comprehensive, diverse, and very well researched. Walking Through Walls is an exercise book, an inspirational reference and a guidebook to the discovery of the Self. It reaches the root of one’s being.” (Amazon Reader Review)
“A mind expanding experience that really is the equivalent of walking through walls!”(Foresight)

Kabbalah Books

The New Kabbalah For Life

The Power and Wisdom of this Ancient Tradition

PS Avalon, 2014  ISBN: 978-0-9572246-3-6  £13.00

Kabbalah is a fascinating and ancient tradition which helps to explain ourselves, and our relationship with the world. In this new, revised edition, Will  explains the Kabbalistic approach to the life; healing and the angels, demons and sexuality; the secrets of tarot; how to achieve stillness and inner peace, and many other  subjects  relevant to our everyday lives. He also shows how, with study and practice,  Kabbalah can deepen our connection to the world and help us in our own self-development.

“For beginners, Kabbalah for Life introduces the Tree of Life in a way which is fluid, inviting and structurally simple. Those already familiar with the Kabbalah will find new insights, connections and a deepening of their existing knowledge. This book is truly a ‘Companion On The Path’ for anyone looking to integrate their studies with their real life.”(Melanie Reinhart, Author of Chiron and the Healing Journey)
“If you want a clear and jumping intro I think this’d work for you; if like me you want a deeper experience of Kabbalah then buy it now – I’ve read it right through and am now going back to the many bits that will help me understand Kabbalah more” (Amazon reader review)

The Complete Guide to The Kabbalah

Rider, 2001 ISBN 0-7126-1418-4 £12.99

Kabbalah is a practical system for understanding all aspects of our lives, from the deepest spiritual connections to the everyday experience of life in the modern world. At the core of the spiritual teachings of the Western World, Kabbalah has the potential to enhance the quality of life for individuals and the societies in which they live.

Blending traditional teachings with state of the art psychological understanding, the Complete Guide to the Kabbalah is a book for everyone interested in their own development. The ancient mysteries of the Tree of Life are revealed in a way that is exciting, effective, and relevant and may help you open yourself to the fabulous resources of your own inner wisdom.

‘Whenever someone asks me which book to first read in order to start learning magick I always recomend this book. The great thing about it is that Will  guides the reader through a sequence of experiences so that you get to experience rather than just read about them. So, especially if you want to start experiencing and doing magick – this is a really good start.’ (Amazon reader review)
‘I have half a dozen books on Kabbalah and I use this one more than all the others. I find it to be the most relevant and useful in my life. I often reread passages at different times and I learn some thing new or see a different aspect each time.'(Amazon reader review)
‘The title says it all; how to apply the ancient mysteries of the Kabbalah to your everyday life. It is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read addressing “it all”.’ (M. Sand)

Kabbalah: The Tree of Life

Meditations on the Pathways to Paradise

PS Avalon, 2010  ISBN: 978-0-9562162-1-2  £15.00

The oldest, oral methods of teaching Kabbalah through inductive story telling involve the use of powerful imagery that has the depth and connection to make the spheres and paths of the Tree of Life come to life in a non-rational, non-linear way. The images in this book offer a way of making connections using imagination and will. Meditation on the spheres ands paths of the Tree of Life gives you access to different levels of consciousness and the colour illustrations in this book intend to support this process. Finding your own ways into and out of these worlds can be effective in supporting spiritual development and there are a  suggestions in the back of this book to help you connect to your own Kabbalistic Medicine Wheel.

The most amazing book on the Kabbalah! You must be so proud of it – it is truly wonderful! MR
This is a book to use and enjoy, and one to have close by when meditating or in need a refreshing break. Step into these images and enter your own imaginal world. You will be enriched and rewarded by doing so. JH
What a great looking book. My initial flick through shows that it is pretty, mouth watering, sumptuous stuff – a deep meditation on the Tree, a series of eye-kissing visual poems, all held in a deep and beautiful structure – really wonderful. KH
I really enjoyed your new book and return to it when I need a dip into something imaginative. I’d love to know how you did those hidden images – they’re really tricksy and fascinating. KI


The Rainbow Bridge

from Kabbalah: The Tree of Life

Image: Daath

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The House of Spells

from Kabbalah: The Tree of Life
Image: Hod
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The 32nd Path

The Night of Time

from Kabbalah: The Tree of Life
Image: 32nd Path
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Other Titles

The Something and Nothing of DEATH

PS Avalon, 2008 ISBN: 978-0-9552786-4-8

Kindle Edition:

To face death confers inner strength for it brings us more authentically into the moment, into the fullness of our lives; in other words, it brings us closer to freedom. Living wisely is to prepare for dying well, not for some promise of what will happen after death but because living wisely brings its own merit.

‘A simple but profound work.’ (Scientific and Medical Network, Spring 2008)
‘Will provides many perspectives from which to see the ‘something’ or the ‘nothing’ – coming back always to the spirit of honest inquiry, and what might be called a lively acceptance of something we cannot evade. We are not beseiged by any kind of party line, and yet Will doesn’t flinch from laying out given modes of thought and belief. The additional exercises for reflection are a bonus and take us deeper into our own personal explorations.’ (Barbara Brown. Author of ‘Qi Gong’ and ‘Looking for Doris’)
‘As a hospice volunteer for 20 years in Northern California, I have read many books on death and dying. I really appreciated the freshness of this book; not only is it full of interesting information on the subject, but it also contains many experiential exercices for coming to terms with Life’s innevitable losses. I also enjoyed Mr Parfitt’s very British sense of humour on this challenging topic!’ (LD)
‘A brilliant, enlightening, contemplative, profound book which requires courage and a non-dual open mind to read it.’ (HY)