Kabbalah: tree of life [full colour]

Kabbalah: tree of life [full colour]

"The most amazing book on the Kabbalah! It is truly wonderful!" (MR)

Meditations on the Pathways to Paradise (Full Colour Illustrated Book)

The oldest, oral methods of teaching Kabbalah through inductive story telling involve the use of powerful imagery that has the depth and connection to make the spheres and paths of the Tree of Life come to life in a non-rational, non-linear way.

The images in this book offer a way of making connections using imagination and will. Meditation on the spheres ands paths of the Tree of Life gives you access to different levels of consciousness and the colour illustrations in this book intend to support this process.

Finding your own ways into and out of these worlds can be effective in supporting spiritual development and there are a suggestions in the back of this book to help you connect to your own Kabbalistic Medicine Wheel.

"I really enjoyed your new book and return to it when I need a dip into something imaginative. I'd love to know how you did those hidden images - they're really tricksy and fascinating." (KI)

"This is a book to use and enjoy, and one to have close by when meditating or in need a refreshing break. Step into these images and enter your own imaginal world. You will be enriched and rewarded by doing so." (JH)

PS Avalon, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-9562162-1-2



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