Walking Through Walls [kindle edition]

Walking through walls [kindle edition]

"The content is comprehensive, diverse, and very well researched. Walking Through Walls is an exercise book, an inspirational reference and a guidebook to the discovery of the Self. It reaches the root of one's being." (Amazon Reader Review)

Walking Through Walls, originally published in 1989, synthesises the best from more than twenty years research into and practice of the Western Mystery Traditions, and the visions and practices of Psychosynthesis, a psychology that is relevant to modern life but also rooted in thousands of years of tradition. This Kindle Edition incorporates the text of the original with a new Preface added.

"Like the blossoming of a rose bud... this book gently unfolds the petals of your mind. The content is comprehensive, diverse, and very well researched. From the title of the book (which is very appropriate) through all the topics from yoga, tantra, gestalt therapy, dream interpretation ... This is not an ordinary book." (Amazon Reader Review)

Kindle Edition ASIN: B00ED0EHVG