Moon Goddess Meditation


TIM OWEN ... R.I.P I am posting the link to this guided meditation here to honour the memory of Tim Owen, a dear friend who died unexpectedly this summer. He was very alive and engaged with life and his passing was a shock to his family and friends. Tim was a great musician, music producer, [...]

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The Will and Initiation


The Will and Initiation The will is a natural process, the spark of life, and it is vital to understand how we connect with this energy in our lives as every choice or decision we make is an act of will. Understanding and being able to effectively utilise the will is central in Psychosynthesis and [...]

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An Otherworldly Adventure


The Great Circle of Time What seems to me like lifetimes ago I spent a year in a largely altered state of consciousness and had adventures (for want of a better word!) in alternative realities. Tripping out, you might say – but without the drugs to take me there (or substances that block our access [...]

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You Are Your Own Ancestors


We all are DNA getting to know itself. Each cell division, from the very first following the moment of conception, through to those taking place in your body right now, is operated by your genetic code held on the chromosomes in your cells. Researchers that see into the cellular and genetic levels of energy say [...]

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