The simplest and most immediate inner inquiry provokes us to stop and assess our own ‘moment’ of life, what is happening at each moment. There is nothing extraneous, nothing to do but accept the challenge to contemplate what’s happening, to remain present and not indulge our emotions about the subject, thus enabling us to engage in a deeper way, allowing a sense of compassion to emerge that doesn’t try to change anything but feels at one with the subject.

 To deeply inquire into any moment has the effect of awakening us to the transience of life through distinguishing what is in the present moment without concern for what has been or is to come. Only when we are non-reflective are we concerned with the passing of time; being in the moment, we are not concerned for what has been or what will be. We then may tune into the natural world and marvel at its state, avoiding our mind’s attempts to take us beyond itself, instead just being with what is.


– Will Parfitt