I am posting the link to this guided meditation here to honour the memory of Tim Owen, a dear friend who died unexpectedly this summer. He was very alive and engaged with life and his passing was a shock to his family and friends.

Tim was a great musician, music producer, studio engineer and genuinely all round good guy. At his cremation service I chatted to some of his colleagues in the music industry and they said he was an unusually honest and ‘straight up’ guy which was unusual in their line of work.

Anyway, many years ago (mid 80s I think) Tim recorded the guided visualisation here, and composed and created the beautifully evocative music that accompanies it. The clarity of my delivery of the meditation is down to Tim’s finely tuned recording techniques but the best thing about it is the music which is so wonderfully clear and moving.

If there’s an after-life, Tim is recording it!

So, click below to go to YouTube, make yourself comfortable and for the next 10 minutes enjoy a journey into the realm of magick …


The Moon Goddess