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The Parfait Amour Tarot

designed by Will Parfitt

Back in the early 1990s I designed and created a full pack of 78 tarot cards using a mixture of traditional and new symbolism, mostly in montages and utilizing a very early version of Photoshop. I called it Parfait Amour because this means Perfect Love and expresses the intention used in creating the original cards and the original hand-crafted packs (I made around half a dozen full sets, inkjet on quality card and laminated, the corners filed into curves by hand. It was a mammoth task doing even one set!) In the later 1990s the whole set went online on my website. Then in the 2000s the Major Arcana were published in a signed, limited edition, professionally printed boxed set from Museo Dei Tarocchi in Italy.

The cards are for meditation and visualization not  divination. The Major Arcana unfold the mysteries of the double for the user, taking her or him deeply into the ultimate oneneness behind all duality. The Court Cards use archetypal imagery to depict the sixteen types within us all. The Minor Arcana blend traditional elemental symbolism with plant imagery.

View the whole pack of these cards at Flickr

The Parfait Amour Tarot

or the Major Arcana and Court Cards on Pinterest


I have always felt they look much better on screen than printed. However, if you are interested in the limited edition set of the Major Arcana from Museo Dei Tarocchi in Italy, they come in a blue light cardboard pack with a folder sheet of reflections and meditations on the cards, signed and numbered /500.

Available here at the special price for visitors to my site.



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The Star
The Hermit
The Moon

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