We live in a world of polarities in our inner world no less so than in the outer, so our world experience is based on duality and we are divided within. Psychosynthesis stresses that each part of the psyche is whole at core and has a part to play in our life.

Each of us is a fundamentally healthy organism in which there can be a temporary complaint or break down. Pain, crisis, failure and all our issues are opportunities for growth and essential to our life purpose. The emergence of previously suppressed or repressed spiritual material is usually accompanied by crisis, offering an opportunity for change and growth. Working thus within a transpersonal context reframes and confers meaning to our issues and engenders creativity and inspiration.

We are more than reactions to past conditioning and childhood development and each has a discrete, realizable core self, or ā€˜Iā€™, an unchangeable centre that experiences our different states of consciousness, including all thoughts, emotions and sensations, but in itself is none of these. Contact with the ā€˜Iā€™ enables us to be self-directive, have a sense of purpose and an active impulse towards service.

We are controlled by everything with which we become identified, and conversely we can gain control of and have choice about everything from which we disidentify ourselves. Disidentification involves stepping back consciously from limiting identities, attitudes, outdated roles and beliefs to gain greater perspective and developing a capacity to make healthy, deliberate choices and to connect with a sense of life purpose and motivation.

As we become more centered on this core self we develop the ability to control previously divisive elements of our behavior, restructure the personality around this new core self, and realize the essential goodness in all life.

Becoming centered on the core self enables us to explore the heights as well as the depths of the psyche, contact a deeper Transpersonal Self which is universal to all life, and realize all experiences as part of a larger, collective expression of an inner spiritual nature.

Meditation, especially silent meditation and the evocation of serenity, but including reflective, receptive and creative forms, is essential for the stability of the psyche and maintaining a living connection with the Self.

Understanding of the Transpersonal Self comes not through transcendent experiences but directly through the personality and its interactions with the outer world. Spiritual and transpersonal energies need grounding both for the psychological health of the client and for the treasure such experiences can bring to our world.

Humans are interconnected and interdependent beings, each individual being part of a larger whole with local, social and global responsibility. Valuing life requires a self-commitment to act in cooperative and responsible ways.

The aim is not to reach a goal but to engage with the process of life in the spirit of inquiry.

Psychosynthesis always remains open to development. Any suggestions?