Psychosynthesis distance learning

"For me the course has been a gentle yet powerful examination of my life and psyche that has had a balancing effect. Sending the lesson off to a person I have never met but who obviously reads my work with attention and who gives helpful and supportive feedback adds to the power of the course." (VB)

Psychosynthesis was developed early last century by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian doctor who wanted to bring together the two traditions of psychology and mysticism. He saw that psychology was becoming rather dry and rational and needed infusing with a sense of soul and meaning, whilst those who practice the mystery traditions could benefit from the grounding and reflective qualities of psychology.

Since his time, Psychosynthesis has been developed into an integrative approach to growth and healing. Its aim is to help us discover our true spiritual nature, then to effectively utilize this discovery in everyday life. Without dogmatism or prescription, Psychosynthesis addresses both personal and spiritual development, honouring the unique creativity and path of each individual, their place in the world and in relationship.

"I feel so thankful you have given me time and help to move on into another world ... I gradually woke up to a feeling of contentment, it's okay to be myself, I don't have to go looking for things to do!" (MD)

Psychosynthesis is a practical system that integrates principles and techniques from many approaches to personal and spiritual growth. It is not about the application of techniques, however, but learning to live with a vision that comes from deep within oneself.

Course 1 is a complete introduction to the subject, enabling students to apply an understanding of Psychosynthesis to their own life journey.

For those who wish to continue with further guided study and practice, Course 2 and Advanced Tuition are available. This course deepens the student's connection with Psychosynthesis and is designed to facilitate a co-creative approach to research and practice.

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