Who am I now?

//Who am I now?

Who am I now?

How we define ourselves:
(who is doing the defining?)

Roles: for example therapist, husband, shopper – is that who I am?

Circumstances: for example neighbour – is that who I am?

Function: for example I’m the person who knows how to do this – is that who I am?

Past: I have a past – is that who I am?

Future/desire: for example I’m the one who’d like to be happy, I’m looking for something – is that who I am?

Feeling: Am I person who is feeling, or has a feeling (who has the feeling?) – is that who I am?

Explanations: who is the one who explains?

Continuity: is there continuity, is who I am now who I am now and now… ?

Assertions: for example I’m a spiritual being on a journey – who is answering? How do I know?

Depth: do I go deeper as the process continues or do I come to the surface more – in either case is that who I am?

Inquiry: someone who is eager, looks or questions like this, or one who avoids looking at questions like this (is one different from the other?)

Empty: what about when I go blank, enter silence?, Do I allow emptiness or am I looking for an answer: Am I the answer? Either one who is looking for an answer? — is that who I am?

I am I: is I am I enough or is I am a fiction?

Observer: am I what I observe (for example I see a flower) or the Observer? or the process of observing? or the relationship between observer and observed? or something that enables observation?

Am I all or none of this, or both all and none of this, or … ?

Who am I now?

…… and from where does all this awareness arise?


Will Parfitt – www.willparfitt.com


About the Author:

Will Parfitt has forty years experience of working with personal and spiritual development. A Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah author and teacher, Will lives in Glastonbury, offers spiritual guidance and supervision and runs well-established distance learning courses.

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  1. Helen May 19, 2015 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Who am I now?
    Who is asking?
    Am I a flower in a mirror?
    Am I a moon in the water?
    What is this projection of the mind?
    Where does it come from?
    How does it get there?
    Who is projecting?
    Does interjection come before projection…….an interplay perhaps?
    What has been injected to the mind?
    Could it be an imitation of whoever and /or whatever?
    What am I seeing now?
    How am I feeling now?
    Who am I now?
    Does the ‘I’ exist or is it the ‘me’ living?
    What about the I AM?
    The I. AM behind the ‘me’, with me?
    Am I ‘just is’ for the moment?!

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