We all are DNA getting to know itself. Each cell division, from the very first following the moment of conception, through to those taking place in your body right now, is operated by your genetic code held on the chromosomes in your cells. Researchers that see into the cellular and genetic levels of energy say they see energy replicating itself with consciousness. The work of Jeremy Narby the Swiss anthropologist, for instance, suggests that consciousness is universal. We are just beginning to understand through epigenetics that we have much more potential for switching on or off various genes than ever seemed possible. Perhaps you are your own ancestors, constantly replicating yourself but in different forms. At heart, if that is true, every event in your life is the result of the DNA dividing itself, continuously pleasuring itself in the energy released.

Then there are your family ancestors, your parents, grandparents, back and back, your greatest, greatest grandparents somewhere in some distant past, the ‘you’ that existed back then (and the ‘them’ who exist now because of you.) Honour them as you honour yourself, they bring you here through a chain of replication, and you live within them as much as they live within you.

We also have our earth ancestors, the energies of the ground itself, and all these physical ancestors are worth contact. Look at the rocks where some cliff face has split open, layer upon layer of ancestors, each rock a part of an unfolding whole. I can show you a rock where King Arthur still resides, and will continue to reside until the rain and wind turn his form into someone or something else. Fix a cloud in your sight and watch a charioteer change to a wizened face then a couple embracing. The image changes but the energy remains.

You don’t really have to look out for your ancestors, because they’re always looking out for you. It’s good to give them some time, though. All the different levels of ancestors can be contacted through the use of will and imagination. The simplest method is to state your intent clearly (e.g. ‘I will make space for the wisdom of the ancestors in my life’) and then to find imaginative and practical ways of implementing this intent in your everyday life. Often just to remember your intent and watch for manifestations of its effect is enough, particularly in the case of personal ancestors who can seem to be keen to contact you and readily accessible to the slightest prompting, showing themselves and revealing their presence through your everyday acts. If they still existed somewhere outside it could be very difficult or even impossible to make contact, but all your ancestors live in the most accessible place possible, within yourself.


Will Parfitt www.willparfitt.com